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Hello friends,

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Proverbs World organised a month-long contest on the YourQuoteApp popularly as PWliWriMo (List Writing Month) Contest. As we committed to providing you with a certificate for participating and joining in all the letter writing challenges. The participants present in all the PWliWriMo are eligible for the certificate, and for the maximum times winning have a winner certificate.



Every month on the PW platform of YourQuoteApp we host contests regularly. In particular, PWliWriMo was all about list writing as its name suggests where participates have to write the list on the different challenges provided by us. We have a team to choose the best attempts and featured them on the PW page of YourQuoteApp.


We are also planning to feature the best attempt here at www.ProverbsWorld.in Well you can give suggestion in the comment below that is it a good idea?



Now let’s have the list of participates.

Here, we have listed all the eligible participants for the special verified participation E-certificate.


Sr. No.  Name:

          1.       Hansika Tibrewal

          2.       Karthiga Kumar

          3.       KD Kaur

          4.       Pushpa Srivastva

          5.    Yamini Boorada

          6.       Saloni Khanna

          7.       Sanhita Sonvane

          8.       Vijyadharshini Viji


            Winner:  Sanhita Sonvane



Condition for a verified E-certificate.

-          The person who participated in all the PWliWriMo challenges within the specified deadlines are chosen by our team.


-          Here the participants also have taken part in PWliWriMo Team Up challenges have leverage—where if they missed 1-3 challenges still, they are eligible for the certificate.

Demo certificate:

Provebs World
Demo certificate

How to receive the certificate.

 We will email the certificate to you in pdf form, to receive it you must fill out the certification form (link given below.)


In the form, you have to fill the necessary fields and send it to us, we’ll send your certificate to you.


If you want to have backlink to your YourQuote profile, then please subscribe to the blog. After subscription, we shall add a profile link of YourQoute to your name, so people can know you and follow you there.

Deadlines missed (Contact us on Instagram for any query)


(Not mandatory for PW Golden Badge members)


Proverbs World Team.

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