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Namskar Hindi Premiyo,


How are you?

The participants of 1-Day Proverbs World Hindi writing contest on the day of 2nd October. We hope you are good and fit amidst this pandemic!


We have organised a 1-day special contest on the occasion of the 2nd October (day) hosted on the App YourQuote popularly as PW2ndOctber.


As we are committed to providing you a certificate for participating in the event by sharing your wonderful writings on the Proverbs World YQ page. The participants present in the rounds are eligible for the verified E-certificates and for the winning participants we have the winning E-certificate.


Event information:

2nd October is being observed as Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti. Two different kinds of philosophies born on the same day. The writing contest on the day was to dedicate poems, letters to the personalities mentioned.  


Gandhi Jayanti:

Gandhi Jayanti is a celebration held in India to celebrate the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. It is celebrated annually on 2 October to recall No-Violence movement and admire the father of the nation.


Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti:

Lal Bahadur Shastri was the second Prime Minister of independent India. He played key roles during the Indo-Pak war in 1965—and famous for the slogan “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan.” Also awarded with India’s highest honour award Bharat Ratna post-death.  


To show our gratitude we sent testimonial as well to the winning participants of the contest.


Hereby we also thank Tanvi Kushwaha for sending suggestion for the contest team for an invite and participation in the event.


We are also planning to feature the best attempt here at www.ProverbsWorld.in Well, you can give a suggestion in the comment below that is it a good idea?


Now let’s have the list of participates.

We have listed all the eligible participants for the special verified participation certificate.         


          Sr. no.         Name

1.     Kajal Pathan

2.     Dr Shiva (Vet)

3.     Gupta Manju  Manju Gupta

4.     Anju Kulkarni

5.     Pushpa Srivastava

6.     Vineet Yadav

7.     Rima

8.     Nuri Dwivedi

9.     Dost

10.  Sunaina Suneja

11.  J.P Pathak

12.  Rishika Khushbu

13.  Shuhani Mishra

14.  Sakshu gaur

15.  Neetu Ashwani

16.  Dimple Khipla

17.  Manali Rohan

18.  R..K. Yadav

19.  Akash Raghav

20.  Sudha Saxena

21.  Soni Gupta

22.  Priya Pandya

23.  Neha  (Neha Mohan)

24.  Yashoda Devrani

25.  Abhilasha Pandey

26.  Brajendra Mishra

27.  Prachi Pandey

28.  PaLLavi

29.  Giribala Nayak

30.  Pooja Gautam

31.  अनिल प्रसाद सिन्हा (Anil Prasad Sinha)

32.  Amit Sahu

33.  Shubhra Dixit

34.  Shilpa Mishra…

35.  Kundan Pandey

36.  Poonam Pathak Gautam

37.  डॉ. अरुण आर्य

38.  Priyanka Mourya

39.  Anamika Sarswat

40.  Lisa

41.  Uma Yadav

42.   Manisha Rathod

43.  Shreya Sheetal

44.  Ravi Ratan Saxena

45.  Pragya Sahu

46.  Ritu Vemuri

47.  Deepshikha Gupta

48.  Sanju Tripathi

49.  Tamanna Gupta

50.  Anita Chandrakar

51.  Shahabia Khan

52.  Kahar Manishchand

53.  K rami

54.  Pratibha Dave

55.  Reena Chadha

56.  Nisha Kamwal


58.  Nidhi Bansal

59.  Usha Sharma

60.  Archana Singh

61.  Abha Mishra

62.  Archana

63.  Sakshi Rai

64.  Rachana 23

65.  Farah Naseem

66.  Sahina Ansari

67.  Shruti Jha

68.  Ravinder Grewal



1.    Nisha Kamwal

2.    Shaina Ansari

3.    Uma Yadav


Top performer:

                             Brajendra Mishra




Condition for a verified E-certificate.

The person who participated in all the challenges within the specified deadlines and rules are chosen by our Proverbs World team.


Demo certificate:

Proverbs World
Demo certificate

How to receive the certificate.

We will email the certificate to you in a pdf form, to get it you have to fill out the certification form link given below. In the form you have to fill the necessary fields and send it to us we’ll send your certificate to you.


If you want to have backlink to your YourQuote profile, then please subscribe to our premium on YourQuote. After subscription, we shall add a profile of yourQuote to your name, so people can know you and follow you there.


Deadlines missed (Contact us on Instagram for any query)


(Note: It is not implied to Proverbs World Golden Badge members)



Proverbs World Team

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