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How are you all?

The participants of Proverbs World Poetry Contest. We hope you are well and doing good!


We have organised a 1-day special contest on poetry “Heart” as a theme hosted on Instagram.


As we are committed to providing you with a certificate for participating in the event by sharing your poems on @proverbsworldfeatured Instagram channel. The participants followed instructions and share us writings are eligible for the verified E-certificates.

To show our the gratitude we sent their posts on our Instagram handles (@proverbsworld) with a mention.


Demo certificate:

Demo certificate

We are also planning to feature the best attempt here at www.ProverbsWorld.in Well you can give a suggestion in the comment below that is it a good idea?


Now let’s have the list of participates.

We have listed all the eligible participants for the special verified participation certificate.          


1.     Saloni Khanna

2.     Akanksha Jha

3.     Firoj Unnisa

4.     Ravi Ratan Saxena

5.     Mansha Poddar

6.     Prachi Pandey

7.     Suhani Mishra

8.     Amol Bodke

9.     Rachna

10. Deepti Khanna

11. Srishti Rani Panda


Winner: Akanksha Jha


How to receive the certificate.


We will email the certificate to you in a pdf form, to get it you have to fill out the certification form (link given below.) In the form you have to fill the necessary fields and send it to us we’ll send your certificate to you.


Deadlines missed (Contact us on Instagram for any query)



Proverbs World Team 


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