one Day PW school

One Day PW school

Hello Learners,

PW school

How are you?

The participants of 1 Day PW school. We hope you are good and doing well!

We have organised a 1-day special contest on the occasion of the national teachers’ day hosted on the App YourQuote popularly as on the invitation of Poets 786.

As we are committed to provide you with a certificate for participating in the event by sharing your views on the proverbs. The participants presented more in more than 10 comments are eligible for the verified E-certificates and for the winning participants we have the winning E-certificate.

 One day teachers’ day event (one Day PW school)

As its name suggest it was on the national teacher’s day. It was live on 5th September 2020 till for 1:30 hours. The participants that replied to most of the comments are top performers; the participants replied to at least 10 proverbs are edible for a participation certificate.

To show our the gratitude we sent testimonial as well to the winning participants of the contest.

Hereby we also thank Poets 786 team for an invitation and participation in the event.

(Cer. Of rec.)

We are also planning to feature best attempt here at www.ProverbsWorld.in Well you can give suggestion in the comment below that is it a good idea?

Now let’s have the list of participates.
We have listed all the eligible participants for the special verified participation certificate.          
                        Pragya Sahu
                        Priya Mishra
                        Sanhita Sonvane
                        Missy Chic
                     Nishita Singh
                        Prachi Sonaiya
                        Vimal Gurnani
                        Faria Jahan
                     K Rami
                     Reena Chadha             
                     Tanvi Kushwaha
                     Aljahid Laskar
                     Rachel D. Shekhnath

Winner: Missy Chic

Top performers:
           Pragya Sahu
             Missy Chic
             Nishita Singh
             K Rami

Demo certificate 

Demo certificate


Condition for a verified E-certificate.

-         The person who participated at least 10 comment replies within the specified deadlines and rules are chosen by our team.

How to receive the certificate.

We will email the certificate to you in a pdf form, to get it you have to fill out the google form link given below. In the form you have to fill the necessary fields and send it to us we’ll send your certificate to you.

If you want to have backlink to your YourQuote profile, then please subscribe to the blog. After subscription, we shall add the profile of yourQoute to your name, so people can know you and follow you there.

Deadlines missed (Contact us on Instagram for any query)

Proverbs World Team

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