Special 2020 ending Quiz (Global)


Quiz participants.


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In this portion of the post, we will award certificates to winners and premium subscribers for participating in the quiz.

Special 2020 ending Quiz (Global)

Proverbs World Quiz

It was the 4th Quiz by Proverbs world on the YourQuoteApp—Where we ask questions on the import events that happened in the year 2020 in the world with multiple choices.


It was apricated by the participants. So, we are going to make it a regular exercise for them. It was in English. And to show gratitude we’ll provide them certificates.


The quiz took place in the comment section. The quick and correct answer is earned points per questions. There were 17 questions and the most correct and quick replied chosen winner of the quiz.


Winner: Aayush Khandelwal  


For 4 out of 17 correct and quick replies.


Paid users’ participation certificates:

Shahabia Khan


How to download a certificate?

Just click on your name then you are redirected to a download link generation. In a few seconds, your certificate is ready to download.


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