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Hello friends!

Welcome to Proverbs World certification.

We hope you are doing great and safe from the pandemic “Corona (Covid-19)” As you know on this portion of the blog we announce the results of eligible participants’ list for the certificate from YourQuote channel.


PWmeWriMo was a month-long contest hosted on YourQuote in December 2020. If write full-form it is ProverbsWorld Metaphor Writing Month means all about writing metaphor. And PWmeWriMoTeam Up Challenge was a 2-day long contest where joining participants of PWmeWriMo and others come up as team and faced 2 rounds of metaphor poetry challenges.

In PWmeWriMo Team Up Challenge there were totally 2 rounds in 2 days—two challenges in a day—of different types with a different set of instructions to complete the challenges as a team.

To show a token of gratitude we are listing eligible candidates for a participation certificate.

Sr. No.       Teams

1)   PW Metaphor Dazzling:

1.    Nidhi Bansal ©

2.    Mili Saha

3.    Akansha Gupta

4.    Soni Gupta


2)   PW Metaphor Amazing (: Winners

5.    Nandini Bawa ©

6.    Ananya Dasghosh

7.    Nithya Shetty

8.    Sumana


3)   PW Metaphor Shining:

9.    Forbidden Writer ©

10.                        Samprica Dutta

11.                        Shahabia Khan

12.                        Anu Shetty


4)   PW Metaphor Bright

13.                        Mahima Jain ©

14.                        Sasmita Nayak

15.                        Abhilash Soni

16.                        Rahul Indge


5)   PW Metaphor Quality

17.                      Bhavani  ©

18.                       Devanshi Jain

19.                       Smruti Nibedita Sahoo

20.                       Prapti P Shetty


6)   PW Metaphor Great

21.                        Kaur Dilwant ©

22.                       Varun Shah

23.                       Akash Raghav

24.                       Ritu Vemuri


Conditions for verified certificates

-          Participation in all the PWmeWriMo Tuc challenges within the specified deadlines are chosen by our team.

Backlink Guidelines:

1.    Subscribe to us will have a link to your YQ profile.

2.    Send your profile picture, social media links (YQ, Instagram etc.) and your basic details to pwteam2020@gmail.com


-       Benefits: The people coming here can follow your quotes.

                : Your profile rank in Google search 
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Demo certificate:


Proverbs World
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To avail your certificate, fill out the Google Form with the correct details. We’ll email you your certificate in pdf as soon as possible. 



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Premium subscriber (Golden Badge member)does not necessary to fill out the above form. Boldly marked names are Golden Badge members.

Thank you for your participation.


The PW Team.


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