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Hello patriotic people,

How are you?

The participants of Independence Day special contest!
We hope you are good and doing well!

We organised a 3 day-long special contest on the occasion of the Independence day hosted on App YourQuote popularly as #PWindependenceDayCon. As we committed to provide you with a certificate for participating and joining in all the challenges of the competition. The participants present in all the round of the contest are eligible for the verified E-certificates and for the winning team and participants, we have the winning E-certificates.

Independence Day special contest (PWindependenceDayCon)

As its name suggests it was on period commence of Indian Independence day. It was live from 13th to 15th August 2020 of three days. It was open as a team and solo. Most of the participates preferred to participate as a solo.  

We having 2 teams from the invitation post. We named them from the Indian Army’s proud defences. One from the wild card entry it was team Tejas named from Indian made light combat fighting aircraft Tejas and so on.

In the contest participants have to write a different type of pieces i.e. poems, essays, letters, etc.

Round 1 on Letter writing,Round 2 on Poetry,Round 3 on A mix of all types of writing.

To show our the gratitude we sent testimonials as well to the winning participants of the contest.

We are also planning to feature the best attempt here at www.ProverbsWorld.in Well, you can give a suggestion in the comment below that is it a good idea?

 Now let’s have the list of participates.

Here, we have listed all the eligible participants for the special verified participation certificate.


1)    Team Ashtra
-         Angel Cuckoo
-         Aquib (Abk) ©
-         Hopeful Soul
-         Mrs. Busy

        2)    Team Tejas
        -         Minny
        -         Sparsh Anand
        -         Sneha Verma
        -         Vaibhav ©

3)    Team Vikramaditya (Winners as a team)
-         Gurleen Kaur     
-         KavitaS               
-         Ravinder Grewal ©
-         Shikha Tiwari     


       -         Anuj Srivastava
       -         Dr Shelly Jaggi
       -         Hansika Tibrewal
       -         Jyoti Minu
       -         Kaur Dilwant
       -         Karthiga Kumar
       -         KD Kaur 
       -         Neetu Ashwani
       -         Prapti Thakkar
       -         Priya Mishra
      -         Pragati k Srivastava
      -         Rishika Khushbu
      -         Saloni Khanna
      -         Sanhita Sonvane
       -       Shilpa Mishra 
      -        Samruddhi Patait

-         Winner: Kaur Dilwant

-         Runners up: Priya Mishra

-         3rd : Neetu Ashwani, Karthiga Kumar

Certificate Demo

ProverbsWorld.in, demo certificate
Demo certificate


      Condition for a verified E-certificate.

        -         The person who participated in all the round of Independence Day Con challenges within the specified deadlines and rules are chosen by our team.

How to receive the certificate.

We will email the certificate to you in a pdf form, to get it you have to fill out the google form link given below.

In the form you have to fill the necessary fields and send it to us we’ll send your certificate to you.

If you want to have backlink to your YourQuote profile, then please subscribe to the blog. After subscription, we shall add a profile of yourQoute to your name, so people can know you and follow you there.

Deadlines missed (Contact us on Instagram for any query)


Proverbs World Team

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